How to Overcome Perfectionism

Virgos are an interesting bunch. And by “a certain way”, we actually mean “their way or no way”. As an earth sign, a Virgo will be grounded in reality, isn’t familiar with daydreaming, and will always have realistic expectations. That also means they will more often than not be perfectionist, attempting to excel in everything they aim for, simply because they thoroughly understand the gravity of the matter at hand. This can turn any relationship with them into a challenge, to say the least. They’re the perfect ride-or-die significant other, but one must be willing to accept them – good and bad traits – without spending too much time dwelling on their elitist nature. To demonstrate what it’s really like to be a Virgo, we’ve found ten memes that add a bit of levity to dating a perfectionist.

Don’t Let Perfectionism Get in the Way of a Great Relationship

Marni speaks with a Clinical Psychologist with over years of experience in working with people battling perfectionism. Margaret Rutherford recently released Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free From the Perfectionism that Masks Your Depression , a book she wrote to acknowledge the hidden epidemic of perfectionism and how it can be more damaging to your life than you know.

For most of our lives, many of us heard that perfectionism is a good character trait. Striving for excellence has been a common thread taught to us by parents, professors, and work colleagues. But, perfectionism is a critical aspect of depression and it gets too little attention.

Perfectionist Traits: Do These Sound Familiar? Are Too-High Expectations Wrecking Your Inner Peace? By.

As a professional counselor, perfectionism truly is one of the most dangerous threats to relationships that I see. So, what does this look like? We impose unrelenting standards upon ourselves for our physical appearance, our work performance, and our relationship skills. We think we should always know the right things to say and should never make anyone angry or annoyed with us.

We think our parties should be Pinterest masterpieces, our houses should be Chip and Joanna worthy, and our kids should be perfect little sleep-through-the-night-in-their-own-bed angels instead of psychopaths that make us worry they will one day be highly successful leaders of a prison gang. We think we should be able to show up to every social gathering and glowingly float through the room without feeling an ounce of anxiety.

We think we should be able to make a to-do list at the beginning of every day and check every single item off by 5 pm. We shave our legs before going to our gynecology appointments, because no matter what horrors they have seen, surely nothing is as horrible as our stubbly ankles. We cannot tolerate constructive feedback, and we feel that any criticism is a personal attack.

So, we retreat in shame.

Struggles Of Dating As A Perfectionist

And if we’re being honest here, there’s also a good chance you have some investment in the identity of being a perfectionist because of the positive connotations of the word “perfect”—who doesn’t want to be perfect? It’s important to educate yourself about what constitutes perfectionism and why it’s seen as a negative thing. You can decide how much you want to work at shrugging off these traits and learn strategies to accomplish your goal.

I remind myself how lucky I am to have found a good guy. I wonder whether this is business as usual for domestic violence survivors everywhere. I.

She prioritized his pleasure over her own every single time, focusing all her energy on giving a memorable performance that would leave him satisfied, and always wanting more. Now 23 and living in New York, Meredith is sick of faking orgasms and would love to finally take ownership of her sexuality. Meredith is one of the many men and women whose perfectionism negatively affects their sex lives.

Anxiety, particularly for women, works against the process of arousal. They found that, in particular, women who believe their partner is imposing impossible standards on them are prone to sexual dysfunction. Rachel Sussman , a relationship therapist in New York, told the Cut that she often sees couples that have at least one partner with perfectionist standards. Is that girl going to feel great ripping off her clothes, having hot, passionate, dirty sex?

Sussman pointed out that of her clients, the couples with the healthiest sex lives are those with partners who make the other feel desired. Kerner agrees that the key ingredient to great sex is feeling wanted by your partner. Nevertheless, he explained that a lot of anxiety relating to sex tends to happen in the early stages of arousal. The more aroused a person gets, the more a sort of neurochemical cocktail works through their system to lower their inhibitions.

Perfectionism Is Killing Your Dating Life

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Not every Christian who is unmarried is unhappy about it. Some people are perfectly content with their singleness. And this is particularly painful for perfectionists. A perfectionist is someone who is extremely hands-on, likes to get things done in a specific way and sets goals that he or she fully expects to hit right on schedule. Oddly enough, perfectionism not only enhances the pain of unwanted singleness, but it can actually prolong it too.

In dating relationships, perfectionism can be displayed in the pressure to look or act a certain way so your partner will be happy with you. In friendships, it can be.

Is your perfectionist partner or family member driving you crazy? Perfectionists can be hard to live with. Read more about the classic traits of perfectionists here. However, with improved communication, compromise, and realistic expectations, it is possible to live happily with a perfectionist. Like many couples, Sam and Sara repeatedly have the same argument about housework. Sara insists that the kitchen is cleaned religiously immediately following every meal.

She ends up rewashing the dishes, loudly complaining the whole time. Without realizing it, Sara is expecting perfection not only from herself, but from her husband and kids too. This post focuses on what you can do as a partner of a perfectionist. Collaboration is essential to happiness in a relationship with a perfectionist.

How Being A Perfectionist Led Me To Lose A Perfectly Good Guy

I have been in a dating rut for the last year. Despite giving it a good try I have not clicked with any of these women, and for all sorts of different reasons. My coworker called me out a couple weekends ago after watching me duck a bad date at a happy hour. She called me a perfectionist and said I needed to lower my standards. Am I being too picky because I am afraid of letting someone in, or are my standards within the range of normal? The line between perfectionism and intimacy issues is a thin, slippery one.

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I try my hardest to make everything in my life as neat and tidy as possible. Organization is a must if you want to want to try and date me. After all, Netflix and popcorn fit into the weekly budget I allot myself. I will expect you to arrive right at the specified time. Bonus points if you are ten minutes early. If you sleep in, please take the initiative and at least attempt to place every last decorative pillow in its designated position.

Be sure to frequently ask how I am really feeling. You may find my life might not be as simple as it seems on the surface. I am skilled at introductions and making sure people are comfortable. Plus, I already have the answers to every question a parent might throw our way. Then I will ask other people to take pictures of the two of us.

Dating the Right Person

I am humbled to have the honour of sharing this with you. I deeply respect the author for having the courage to open up like this. I am always scanning the internet for Nice Guys and Girls.

Perfectionist traits usually prevent healthy relationship formation. Here’s how to encourage a healthier dynamic.

She put together an outline, subscribed to an online webinar service, and began to design the outline. For each topic, she recorded a video. Halfway through the course, she realized that the video made her look, well, bluish. She took a course on video production and realized her white balance was off, and decided to re-record the videos.

Then she realized that the checkout process for the webinar subscription was awkward. Surely, she should streamline that. And that means getting a payment processor that integrates with her webinar service. By the time she got all that set up, technology had advanced and she realized that a video aspect ratio was so…so…retro, and she should reshoot the video in aspect ratio instead. No one but her has seen a moment of the video.

Unfortunately, perfection of the output is a moving target. Back before vacuum cleaners, the perfectly clean floors basically meant floors you could eat off of…and only get one or two mouthfuls of dirt. Once vacuum cleaners came on the scene, however, standards changed. And now, perfection even includes anti-bacterial scrubs, whiteners, color brighteners, and all kinds of things. Outcome perfection is a moving target.

Dating a Virgo man

Career come with job description, KPI and constant feedback from managers. Somehow, career is the easiest challenge for a Perfectionist. They are extremely responsible so they will work hard to meet all the deadlines. They are the first to be promoted, so they have great chances to become senior managers in their 30s. So yeah, finding love is not really their top priority. Their perspective is framed like this: all or nothing, now or never!

5 Random Items Every Man Should Have To Spice Up His Sex Life Perfectionists are people who are all or nothing, which in theory is a supplement to This type of relationship is toxic, because the perfectionist is constantly Tagged: boyfriendcommunicationdatingeffortgirlfriendloveperfectperfection.

I dated a perfectionist. Let me tell ya, that lasted maybe two months. For the people who are not perfectionists, like myself, and are dating a perfectionist, I applaud you. Making sure that my hair was perfectly styled, my clothes were without any wrinkles, and my makeup was on point. I wash them in between, okay. Though, in some ways, it made me more aware of not only myself, but how I interact with people.

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Art Credit: Christie Graham Photography. I recently entered into my first relationship in what feels like eons but was actually only a couple years. Every fiber in my body questioned whether or not it was worth it to let someone in.

This is part 1 of my 3-part series on being a perfectionist and how to make the best in you being shamed, scolded in front of a crowd, or for guys, being caned.

In the coming days I will be writing 5 different blog posts on relationship red flags, mainly focusing on red flags that women can notice in men while dating although some can apply both ways. After doing sessions for over ten years and relationships being one of my specialties, I have noticed a pattern of red flags that many women seem to disregard and then end up in a dysfunctional relationship.

And this is the BIG problem, they are forever dissatisfied with themselves because there is always something wrong or not quite right within them. Of course they will rarely admit that they feel something is wrong with them, but rather they will project this onto the world and other people. At first the hardcore perfectionist man might seem very attractive because he is constantly striving to make himself better.

So when a perfectionist man appears and he exudes this aura of improvement and success, women think that this is the perfect man. However, even though he might appear to have reached success in some areas of his life, the truth is that he is never satisfied with anything, including you. The perfectionist will always think that there is something you could change or do better.

Signs You’re Dating A Type A Person

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