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Q: How do we date the sequence and timing of events in the early solar system? Most of you have probably heard of carbon dating, which relies of the radioactive decay of one form of carbon, 14 C, to determine the ages of things like bones, trees, shells, etc — this is one form of radiometric dating, but not the only one…. One such radiometric dating system is the iodine-xenon I-Xe chronometer.

This was the first evidence of a short-lived radioisotope having existed in the early solar system. The I-Xe dating technique emerged from this, and let to the development of this field of dating events in the early solar system based on the decay of extinct, short-lived radioisotopes. Crystals of the mineral enstatite from the Shallowater meteorite. Image: S.


Cederwall, B. Hadinia, M. Sandzelius, E. Paul, M.

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Uranium Content of Some Stone Meteorites and their Pu–Xe Decay Interval

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stones. Most of the excess Xe TM is from decay of million- year I • incorporated in the meteorite.

The laws governlng the relative abundunce of isotopes and the anomaly in the abundance of the isotopes of tellurium and xenon are considered. An hypothesis is advanced explaining the anomalously great abundance of Te, Te- , Xe, and Xe by the addition of decay products of nuclei that arise due to the spontaneous fission of transuranium isotopes. A study is made of the question of the possible symmetric fission of transuranium elements with the formation of nuclei with filled neutron shells and with a total number of neutrons equal to Experimental data are given on the chemical extraction of tellurium from the Sikhote-Alinsk meteorite, and results are included that point to a difference ln the isotopic composition of meteoritic and terrestrial tellurium.

A description is given of the principles of the tellurium method of determining the age of rocks from the products of the spontaneous fission of uranium and thorium, an addition of which alters the abundance of the tellurium and xenon isotopes. Similar records in OSTI. GOV collections:. Full Record Other Related Research. Abstract The laws governlng the relative abundunce of isotopes and the anomaly in the abundance of the isotopes of tellurium and xenon are considered.

Selinov, I P.

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The I–Xe chronometer is based upon decay of now-extinct I where the ratio of accumulated daughter Xe to stable I reflects the iodine isotopic ratio at.

The validity of the I-Xe chronometer is confirmed by comparison with Pb-Pb ages on phosphate and feldspar separates from twelve meteorites. Phosphate separates are found to be concordant with Pb-Pb for all six samples in which useful I-Xe data were obtained. Feldspar is a better iodine host than apatite in H chondrites, typically providing good I-Xe isochrons.

These too are concordant with the Pb-Pb ages of the corresponding phosphates for five out of six feldspar separates. We attribute this to a more primary mineralization, predating the secondary phosphate from which the comparison Pb-Pb age was obtained. This allows relative I-Xe ages to be interpreted in the context of absolute ages. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Google Scholar. Thesis, Washington University, St. Brazzle R H, Meshik A P and Hohenberg C M Comparing iodine-xenon and lead-lead chronometers in single mineral systems: verification and interpretation of the iodine-xenon clock abstr. Acta submitted.

Evidence for enhanced collectivity in Te-I-Xe nuclei near the N=Z=50 double shell closure

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In , John Reynolds Univ. Berkeley published results of an experiment in which he had fused a 7g sample of a primitive meteorite, the Richardton carbonaceous chondrite, in a vacuum and analyzed its Xe isotopic composition. He compared the abundances of its Xe isotopes with that found in the atmosphere and found that the abundance of the isotope Xe was enhanced relative to atmospheric Xe in the meteorite sample.

Terrestrial Xe composition shown by marks. Reynolds argued that the excess Xe was a daughter product from the radioactive decay of I within the meteorite sample. Reynolds also argued that this evidence indicated that the chemical elements that make up our solar system were synthesised only shortly before formation of the solar system, that there was live I present when solar system formed and that the radioactive I was incorporated into the Richardson meteorite when it formed.

This proposal was initially received somewhat sceptically but, with the identification of other short-lived radioactive decay products in meteorites i.

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